Small Signs of Spring


March Snow

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of March.  Also, I can’t believe my last post was at the end of January! February was extremely busy, but also so great:). But I’m glad it’s over haha.

To be frank, I am so ready for spring to be here! This winter hasn’t been terrible, but we got teased with some very warm days…. and I would rather that over this cold stuff! So please, Spring, come quickly and stay:)

Also, I will try to post more often! These winter months don’t give very much inspiration 🙂

Goodbye 2017….Welcome 2018


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I totally can not believe that an entire year flew by already.  I feel like we were just welcoming 2017.

This past year has been a fantastic one. So much has happened….great friends were made and relationships with old friends have just gotten stronger. I started a job back in the late winter, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work.  The Lord is so good!

I feel like I finally found my photography style and I’ve enjoyed learning new things with it almost every month! I bought a new lens and camera body this year and I’m just in love with it. I had my first family life-style sessions and they were amazing.  I can’t wait to do more in 2018!

It was so hard to find some of my favorite photos from 2017….but here they are!











20171028_145237600_iOS 2




image1 (1)


image3 (1)







My Christmas Room

Last year, I was just getting settled into my new room.  My walls were still empty, I was still trying to figure out my decorating style, and so on.  So my Christmas decorations consisted of some string lights and a tiny little putz house.

Fast forward to this year. My room feels more like home…I have it decorated the way I like it (though I keep collecting stuff) so I was ready to decorate for Christmas.  I wanted a small tree, that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. So, like a good little miser (I’m only a miser when it doesn’t include buying clothes or stationary) I went to a couple different thrift stores. And then I found my little tree for $3.50, and a bag of assorted Christmas balls for $.75. I had a little theme for my tree so I painted my Christmas balls to my liking, hand-lettered some mini posters for above my desk, and then bought some string lights….I spent more on that than I did my tree because I didn’t know what I was doing (didn’t listen to mom). Anyway!

I love my cozy Christmas room:)



New Camera!

this post is so late…oh well

Camera upgrades are always so cool, aren’t they? I’ve wanted to upgrade my camera for a little while. So I was keeping my eyes on ones that were in my price range on Facebook Market Place….can we pause here and talk about how cool that feature is on Facebook? Wait, I’ll just continue cause I wanna tell you what I got.

Anyway! I wasn’t expecting to find anything close by or exactly what I wanted…but it randomly popped up….And so I wrote out a message asking the seller if it was still available and if he’d separate it from the lenses (cause I already have those) Then I sat there wondering if I should hit that ‘send’ button.  After awhile of contemplating….I did it.  AND he got back with me! So now I’m a proud owner of  a Nikon D7100.

image1 (2)
My announcement on Instagram hehehe 

 The camera also came with extra batteries, a battery grip, a wifi adapter (which I find so cool even though it’s old now HA!) and a couple other things.

I’m still learning all the features of this camera.  There’s so much! And I want to get the most out of it:)  I love doing the research though!

So, here’s a few pictures I took with it!

image1 (1)image2 (1)image3 (1)image4