New Camera!

this post is so late…oh well

Camera upgrades are always so cool, aren’t they? I’ve wanted to upgrade my camera for a little while. So I was keeping my eyes on ones that were in my price range on Facebook Market Place….can we pause here and talk about how cool that feature is on Facebook? Wait, I’ll just continue cause I wanna tell you what I got.

Anyway! I wasn’t expecting to find anything close by or exactly what I wanted…but it randomly popped up….And so I wrote out a message asking the seller if it was still available and if he’d separate it from the lenses (cause I already have those) Then I sat there wondering if I should hit that ‘send’ button.  After awhile of contemplating….I did it.  AND he got back with me! So now I’m a proud owner of  a Nikon D7100.

image1 (2)
My announcement on Instagram hehehe 

 The camera also came with extra batteries, a battery grip, a wifi adapter (which I find so cool even though it’s old now HA!) and a couple other things.

I’m still learning all the features of this camera.  There’s so much! And I want to get the most out of it:)  I love doing the research though!

So, here’s a few pictures I took with it!

image1 (1)image2 (1)image3 (1)image4


Welcoming Fall



I don’t know where the time has gone! It seems like I just wrote my last blog post yesterday, but in reality it has been about two months. Yeah, I feel a little ashamed haha.

But I haven’t forgotten about blogging at all! Life has just been kinda sorta crazy, but so so much fun! I did a family lifestyle session at the beginning of September and it was totally awesome.  It’s such a great feeling when you make a new client and create a new friendship from that!  I can’t wait to do potential shoots with them! Then, last week, I had a senior session with one of my friends…..and she’s absolutely gorgeous and her pictures are stunning!  Go to my menu to find my other blog where those pictures are located.

Then fall is happening……..guys it’s actually here…….I’m accepting the fact.  But I won’t accept the fact that winter is next.  I just can’t do that.  At work yesterday, we were all wearing long sleeve shirts, and CHRISTMAS kept coming up.  Like OVER and OVER again! HOW?! It was so strange.  But yeah, thanksgiving is almost in a month.  So hard to believe.

Changing Things Up

So I just recently bought myself a used Macbook Air.  I absolutely love it!

But, as a person who has always used a pc, this is a little odd. Like at this very minute of typing this blog post, I learned how to use spell check:)

One of the major changes is photo editing. For the past two years I’ve been using my iPad for photo editing.  When I first started, it took me awhile to find a good, free app and adjust to that.  And now, I’m having a hard time re-adjusting back to a computer.  I totally love the Snapseed app, and I’ll still use it very frequently.   I do have photoshop coming and I cant wait to start learning that more on the macbook.

For these photos I forced myself to use iPiccy, an online photo editor. I still don’t like them very much; but I think it’s good to learn new things.

Any tips for a person who is new to the Mac world? And also any favorite online photo editing sites that are free?






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