I finally got around to uploading and editing some pictures from the springtime.

As I was going through them, I couldn’t help but notice how vibrant Spring is. I had this thrill and excitement just to edit these overly late photos because of their vibrance.  Spring will never, ever get old.


Changing Things Up

So I just recently bought myself a used Macbook Air.  I absolutely love it!

But, as a person who has always used a pc, this is a little odd. Like at this very minute of typing this blog post, I learned how to use spell check:)

One of the major changes is photo editing. For the past two years I’ve been using my iPad for photo editing.  When I first started, it took me awhile to find a good, free app and adjust to that.  And now, I’m having a hard time re-adjusting back to a computer.  I totally love the Snapseed app, and I’ll still use it very frequently.   I do have photoshop coming and I cant wait to start learning that more on the macbook.

For these photos I forced myself to use iPiccy, an online photo editor. I still don’t like them very much; but I think it’s good to learn new things.

Any tips for a person who is new to the Mac world? And also any favorite online photo editing sites that are free?






image1 (1)


Already June

Wow, it’s already June?? That doesn’t even seem possible.  I know it’s been well over a month since my last post..and that makes me sad, but the month of May was extremely busy. It doesn’t even feel like it happened lol.  I had my first family lifestyle photo session and I enjoyed that so much! I just have to put the pictures on my blog for y’all to see! Also, we took a trip out to Wisconsin to pick up my older brother from college. And then there’s work and everything else…so yeah, it was busy. 

Oh, and isn’t my younger brother so cool?? He kindly did the pictures above my bed for me:) Also, it’s very hard to find a cool, old iron bed. I’ve been searching for months.  One day….

Time Passes Quickly 

It seemed like over the past two weeks, the world has to come to life outside.  It’s absolutely beautiful…..and I probably have over 800 pictures that are still not edited..or even uploaded to my device 🙂  But I hope you enjoyed these and are ready for many more.  I can’t believe Easter has all ready passed.  Time is definitely flying.  We are finally starting to work outside on gardens and landscaping…I love it!