Time Passes Quickly 

It seemed like over the past two weeks, the world has to come to life outside.  It’s absolutely beautiful…..and I probably have over 800 pictures that are still not edited..or even uploaded to my device 🙂  But I hope you enjoyed these and are ready for many more.  I can’t believe Easter has all ready passed.  Time is definitely flying.  We are finally starting to work outside on gardens and landscaping…I love it!


3 thoughts on “Time Passes Quickly 

  1. I bet Miles loves it also. Your pictures are really neat I know it sounds silly being you have so many lovely flower pictures , but, I happen to like the one of the hallway.

    How is work going ? I can’t wait to come see you in the Deli ! By the way Gram Cracker & I are going to Ontario the end of Sept & stopping @ Niagara Falls & then stopping @ Elizabethtown hope your all home. We will let you know when it will be probably the first week in Oct.

    Love & Blessings Grammy

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    1. Yes he is! That’s my favorite picture too! I was just walking up the steps…and then I ran back down to get my camera because the lighting was just perfect!
      Work is going very well! Slowly learning everything..but I’m getting the hang of it! Can’t wait till I can wait on you as my customer!
      Of fun! I hope you have safe travels 🙂 And I can’t wait to see you!


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