Do you remember back towards the end of summer how I challenged myself to shoot in Manual mode for 5 days straight? Well, that was like one of the best things I have done for myself.  Ever since I bought my Samyang 85mm lens I have shot in Manual mode.  If I didn’t do that little five day challenge before I got the lens, I do believe I would be a little overwhelmed right now:). It’s been almost two weeks since I bought my lens and it’s so nice to look back at my work, knowing that I shot it in Manual mode and that it looks presentable.  Can I even say that I’m a little proud of myself for being able to master this?  And you can master it too!  I think that you should try doing the five day challenge as well. Don’t overwhelm yourself…… take it step-by-step…….day-by-day, just a little bit at a time.  Journal your work like I did so you can see your progress too.  If you do the little challenge, let me know!

//here are my posts from the five day challenge//

In Manual Mode

In Manual Mode Day II
In Manual Mode Day III
In Manual Mode Day IV
In Manual Mode Day V


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