Well folks, it’s the fifth and final day of my own little personal challenge.  I did this challenge because I wanted to push myself to shoot in Manual mode and put my work out there for others to critique it.  Every other time I shot in Manual mode, I deleted my pictures and got discouraged and then would never shoot in manual mode for a very long time.  This time I forced myself. I told myself just to put them up on my blog.  I got past having a black or white screen as my image because I couldn’t control my setting. All of these images from the past five days have not been edited.  Trust me, I wish they were!  I look at them and see my mistake and wish I could just go in and correct it……but I know I must learn from those mistakes. I looked at them and saw that my aperture wasn’t the best, but I forced myself to put it out there anyway. I’m happy with the progress I made in the past five days and I’m looking forward to keep on learning!  Please tell me what you think of my photographs from day five!


7 thoughts on “In Manual Mode Day V

  1. First off, I applaud you already for taking the plunge and leaving the comfort of shooting modes. The transition into using manual (or “creative”) modes is going to be an exciting one for you! I made the switch a couple months ago and I am seeing my camera in an entirely new light.

    From what you’ve posted here, I would say that you are getting very well acclimated to taking photographs in manual mode. The photo of the camera in particular caught my attention. What camera are you using?

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