I wasn’t planning on making daily posts with my little challenge I’m doing for myself, but I think it will help me even more.  So I am doing this Monday through Friday.  Today is day two, and I’m not as embarrassed to show my work as I was yesterday.  It wasn’t as much of a struggle to snap a picture…..but it was still hard….and I still have a lot of work to do.  I can see my mistakes and that makes me upset.  The reason: I see it, but I can’t quite fix it yet. But guys, I’m getting somewhere!!  Yay! You great photographers out there,  I’d still appreciate your tips for helping me take better pictures in Manual Mode.  Please critique my work, I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “In Manual Mode Day II 

  1. These look great! You are doing very well for just only have been shooting in Manual for a few days! The key is light! Each of the settings have to do with how much light you let in. It seems to me that each of your photos are perfectly exposed! It’s my experience that sometimes as photographers we can be really to hard on ourselves! Don’t worry they look great and you’ll get better! I think the most important thing in photography is having the creative eye and documenting the world or your subject in your own creative way, you are really good at this! Everything else will fall into place! Keep working on it!

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    1. Kailey, thank you so much for the visit and the comment. It really encouraged me as I read it right before I went off to shoot for day three:). One part that stresses me most about doing this, is that I feel like I’m too focused on getting the settings right, that I’m not capturing something unique, but I know that will get better. Yes, we are all hard on ourselves aren’t we:). Thanks again!


  2. Just keep doing what you’re doing – taking photographs. Don’t worry about the results – there is no such thing as overnight success. Review your work and learn from it. Then take more photographs 🙂

    One day – you will look at your images and think “Wow – I have improved!”. I can’t tell you when that day will be, but I can tell you that, with practice, you’ll get there. Just enjoy the journey.


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