In Manual Mode

Alrighty folks………I know these pictures are horrible, *hides face in embarrassment* but I thought I would just put my photos that were taken in Manual mode out there. For my sake. These have no editing whatsoever. All of you great photographers, please tell me what I need to do!  Now I did delete all of the pictures that were just a black screen or a white screen….or a blurry mush of something.  But this is what I got……..and I’m not too happy.  I’m happy that I got further than a black or white screen:). But they kind of look like I threw it on auto mode and took them……So they are on here for advice and for me to look back and see if I progressed at all…hehehe…..and I hope that day comes:)


8 thoughts on “In Manual Mode

  1. I like the alarm clock, and the grass, which shows very nice tones.
    Manual mode is not the magical recipe to success; most of the time, Aperture or Shutter Speed Priority modes are enough. Personally, I use it in bird or concert photography, when I need to control both shutter speed and aperture (then ISO is usually set automatically), or when there’s a huge difference of brightness between sky and land, and I don’t want to over-expose the sky or under-expose the land, but in this case, there are other possibilities.
    It’s interesting to know how to shoot in manual, though, because it helps you understand how your camera works. Beyond aperure, shutter speed and ISO, I suggest you read about metering and metering modes.

    Typically, regarding your last picture: Aperture Priority mode could have been enough (what follows is a very personal view of the thing, and a very hypothetical too: I wasn’t the photographer): if you want the grass sharp and the background blurry, choose a wide aperture (ie shallow depth of field), set the ISO to 100 since it’s sunny, and let the camera determine the shutter speed. That’s of course only a suggestion 😉

    Hope this helps!


    1. Samuel, thank you so much for your suggestion. I appreciate it very much! The two photos you mentioned were also my favorites. I have tried aperture priority and got somewhere with it, but I had a little bit of a harder time with shutter priority. Maybe I need to go back and work on that a little bit more to help me before I try and control everything. Thanks again!


  2. huh. I use Manual mode all the time for my pics. (all my blog photos are taken in Manual mode). I decided right away when I got my DSLR to just jump into it.

    For your last photo, could you tell me what your settings are at? It looks like maybe your ISO is up too high? It should normally stick in 100-200 ISO unless your are in shade which can differ. Your shutter speed can control lightness (going lower) as well as darkening (raising your aperture) your pics along with the speed of your shutter. I’d suggest playing around with that a bit. Really though, I haven’t had my DSLR for a while and I’m still figuring things out myself. but Manual mode is AWESOME once you get the hang of it. 😀 😀


    1. Shutter- 1/25
      Aperture- F5.6
      ISO- 100
      Exposure- +5. 0
      According to my histogram, it’s overexposed, and you can see that clearly when you look at it. I so wish I disciplined myself when I first started using a dslr to only shoot in Manuel mode, but I didn’t. I can see a progress in your photos since you got your dslr:). You’re doing great! In the beginning of this year, I streamed a live class on Creative Live. The instructor was John Greengo and his class was Fundamentals of Photography. That was one if the best classes I ever took! He cleared up a lot of questions and his examples were so clear!


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