In the New House

Guuuys!!  Snapseed has a text option now! And they have tons of cute fonts and layouts!  I’m so happy….but I added it to one of my pictures, and uploaded it……and it’s not working!  So, it’ll have to wait.

Yeah, so.  I finally picked out a paint color for my room.  Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  I picked up a ton of paint chips and I didn’t like any of them.  Then, I went into the paint store and found the one I wanted and got the paint!  Annnnnnnd, I have given you before pictures of my room:). Still a ton to do…….Also, I’m creating a video of our whole redoing of the house.  I’m having a hard time though, because when I start a project, I want to finish it not too long after I start it.  Like, usually when I do a video, I shoot everything in one day and edit it that same day. But with this one, it’s gonna be a little longer;).


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