That little bit of editing……that we are all scared of

I need to admit, and I’m sure that every one of you photographers can relate to it……I was always scared of those words EXPOSURE, CONTRAST, SHADOWS, HIGHLIGHTS, SATURATION and so on……So when I would edit my images I would always stay faaaaar away from them.  Until almost a year ago. –head drops in shame

I’ve been shooting with a Dslr since 2013 and I’ve been editing images since 2012.  Let me tell you Non Dslr shooters something as well, this post is also for you.  Trust me, I wish I clicked on those scary words when I shot with my point and shoot camera.

I’m not some GREAT editor.  But I know what I like, and I learn as I go. But here is my advice for you guys…..”Every Photo is different.”  You might say, “Well duh.”  But I’m not kidding.  I got so overwhelmed whenever I clicked on those scary words, because what I tried to do to one image, didn’t work for another.  So what did I do?  Deleted my work.  –head drops again……..

That’s why I can’t tell you exactly what to do with your images, but to keep trying.  I know it’s not what you want to hear, but trust me, it works.  It’s kind of like shooting in Manuel mode.  Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of admitting here……Yes, I can’t shoot in Manuel mode.  Do I want to?  Yes.  Do I know how to? No, not really.  How do I learn?  By keep shooting and trying over and over again.  Do I do it since I know that?  Well no, not all of the time.  I know what aperture and shutter speed and ISO are and all that stuff, but it’s just not working for me and it’s all my fault.  I keep giving up.

So the next time you go to edit your image, click on those scary words that don’t always work out for you and take your time.  Drop your shadows and bring up your brightness and contrast.  Just relax.  And if it’s starting to look too strange, start over. Trust me.

Now this is basically all I do to my images before posting them to my blog or Flickr.  I even do my black & white through this. It’s a lot better looking than that quick preset black & white that the editing software gives you.  And all I do is drop my saturation, bring up my contrast, drop my shadows, bring up my brightness and my highlights a little bit and there you go.  But I don’t stop at the same number I did for the last image, because remember……every photo is different.

Take some time and look through the before and after images .  And if you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll try to answer it;)  Have a good weekend.



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