Freezing Cold

It has been a while since my camera and I have spent some time together. Yes, I’ve picked it up to take some pictures here and there of one thing or another. But I haven’t really spent time with it. I do believe it might have started to feel somewhat lonely and forgotten. But today I picked it up and we spent some time inside and well, a tad bit outside. But let’s just say that it was a very little amount of time with it feeling like 3 degrees out there. I mean little as in, running out, getting blown by the wind, contemplated about going back in but the sun and clouds were too neat. So I turned back around and took two pictures, ran down the side of the house, turned back around, took three pictures and ran back to the door. But then I had to wrestle the door in order to get back inside. I was frozen.  Oh, and I do believe that I have broken the door.




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