Yay!!! At Last!!!

So on Tuesday the day finally came!  The day with no braces!
In February of 2012, two of my brothers and I had gotten braces on.  I was the one that they said didn’t need them AS much……
In March of 2013, my brothers were able to get their’s taken off.  The Orthodontist told us that they could be on for 18-24 months.  Well, that didn’t happen for me:)
In May of 2014, I was told that in a month my braces could be off.  Ha!  Then it went to August, then November…….you get the idea.  I guess that my teeth really liked that sparkly and colorful stuff on my them.  Well, I enjoyed picking colors out, but I was so ready for them to be off.  
Then, in March of this year I was told that in April my braces could be off.  I tried not to get my hopes up.  
A week before the appointment I felt something really weird going on on one of my bottom teeth.  I thought it was just moving, but then one night before going to bed I looked at it.  It was then that I noticed that my bracket was able to slide back and forth.
Great!!  This is how it always went.  I was told that in a month I may be able to get my braces taken off, then a week before going something happens.  
Well, thankfully the tooth didn’t move too much!
My retainer is moving that one bottom tooth back to where it’s suppose to be.  So it is a little painful…. BUT they are off after 38 months!! Yay!

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