Photo Tip Tuesday// Week 9

                   This week I wanted to talk about focal points.  Have you ever taken an object and just wanted to take a picture of it?  Then you ended up taking a picture of that same object for ten minuets?

You started playing around with the focal point and discovered how creative you can get!

I do this a lot.  I get bored, so I take my camera out and end up playing with it for a longer time than I thought!






Don’t just think you can get one picture of an object with only the same focal point.  Changing things up can be a good thing.
Now, when you are doing this, you don’t want your viewers to not know what you are focusing on.
Your focal point is the place that your viewers eyes travel to first.

People will just glance at your picture and then proceed to the next one if your focal point is not really known.

You don’t want them to have any question about what the focus is.


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