A Gift

Last week I had a small surgery on my toe.  This week I had to go back for a follow-up.  As dad and I were gone, mom and my brothers went to the grocery store.
When I got home, I went to finish up my Geometry work.
I heard the rest of the family coming in the door from grocery shopping.  After a little while I heard my brothers calling me.  So I went up to the kitchen to see what they wanted.
Mom said, “They got this for you.”
I turned and looked at the kitchen table to see what they got.  I thought it would be a special food or a joke (they are brothers of course).

But I saw an Orchid.
I’ve always wanted an Orchid.  Every time we would walk into the store and see them, I’d admire them, and my brothers and I would talk about the different ones.
The one that they picked out was the very type that I wanted.
They said that it was for my toe as a Get Well:)
Of course, they didn’t really want to admit that they were excited to pick it out, or, “It was So and So’s idea, and I just……..”, you get the idea.
Right now it is sitting on my desk up in my room, brightening up the gloomy winter days.

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