Weekend Train Show

Last weekend we went to see a train show.  There were a whole bunch of different train displays.  It took us almost three hours to get through the first room-it was a large room.  It was so neat to see how people created their own display.
One of my favorite things was to see the different buildings.
I thought that this one looked like the town of Mayberry off of the Andy Griffith Show.

This was great for photography.  So fun!!
After lunch, we headed into the other part of the building.  There were more people selling things in here than displays.  
As I was standing there taking a picture of one display, I hear a guy talking to me.  I had no idea that anyone was standing next to me.  He had asked what part I was taking a picture of.  I told him, “The little house.”
 He asked if I would send him the pictures.  I had no idea who he was.  Then I found out that he was the owner of this display.  So, I had fun taking pictures for him.  
Here are some of the pictures I had taken.

I can’t end this post without telling you that we saw Grover driving a train!

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