Vacation to North Carolina

For Christmas this year, my family and I went to North Carolina.  We had a great time with other family members.
On Christmas Eve we went to visit the Biltmore.  We tried to go last summer, but plans changed 😦  It was really nice to see it all decorated for Christmas.
They wouldn’t allow people to take pictures inside though, I know-bummer.   So, I enjoyed taking some pictures of the outside.

It was so much fun!   We would have walked around more outside, but it was very cold.

Christmas day was spent at my grandparent’s house with family.
We had a fun time with our cousins!

Thursday we took a hike.  The trail was extremely muddy, but we had a great time, and the waterfalls were very pretty.
Since last summer, when we were at our grandparents house, my grandpa set up a train in his backyard.  It was so neat to see. 
We had a wonderful Christmas!  How was yours?


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