They Are Here!!

As many of you know, I just recently bought a new camera.
Well, the next thing I wanted to invest in was filters. 
I heard that they really help your pictures in so many ways.  So, I started my research….:)  
I found many different filters- ND, Polarizing, Graduated, UV and so on.  
I found out which filters can’t easily be replicated in photo-shop and which ones can be.
I found out that Polarizing filters are the first ones that you should buy.
These filters have the most dramatic affect in your pictures and are not easily replicated in photo-shop.
So, I went on to Amazon to see what all they had.
The first product that I saw was a set of three different filters for $10.00.
They are originally $40.00, but they were having a sale.
I looked at the reviews to see what other people were saying about them.
They were all good.  Someone even put a video up with pictures with and without the filters.
So, I decided to buy them. 
They arrived yesterday while I was doing Geometry, so it was a little hard to focus:)
After lunch I went outside to try them out.
It is so amazing what the polarizing filter does!
Here are some pictures with and without the filter that I had taken.

They reduce the glare in glass.

The set came with a UV filter and a Florescent filter as well.
Also, it came with a little case to put them all in!

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