Photo Tip Tuesday// Week 5

For this week’s tip, we will talk about shooting at different angles.
Most times, people are taking pictures, they shoot at only one angle and think that is the best one they have.
Well, shooting at different angles is one way to get better pictures.  You would be surprised at how creative you get from doing this.
Lets take flowers for instance.
People think that the best shots for flowers is shooting straight down on them.
While this does make a nice picture, getting creative and shooting at a different angle would be nice.
Here are a few shots that I took at different angles.


I did the same thing with an apple.
I didn’t shoot at one angle.
I shot a couple at one angle and moved around some.
Don’t be afraid to take more than one picture:)
This really helps with creativity.
 It helps give you that “photographer’s eye”.
Have fun trying it!
If you would like to see the tip from the previous weeks, click on the links below.

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