How To// Make Burnt Roses

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I would like to share how you can make fabric roses.

These are extremely fast and easy, and I’m sure you will love them!
What you will need:
~Synthetic Silky Fabric-(I used lining from a skirt)
~Sewing needle and thread.
*******If you use regular cotton material, it will just burn up*******
First off, you need to cut circles in different sizes.  They don’t have to be perfectly round or certain sizes.  However, they will shrink, so don’t do extremely small ones:)
I used three different sizes, but you can do as many as you like.


Next, you will take your candle to start burning the edges.
You don’t have to touch the fabric to the flame.  Mine melted even before I put it in the flame.
Once you are done doing this to all of your circles, place them on top of each other, biggest to smallest.
Then take your needle and thread and tac them together.
I make an ‘x’ and that holds mine together.
You can do whatever you like to finish it off.  Some people put beads in the middle of theirs.  I use the rosettes that I put in my other flower.
Now you can put them on headbands, hair-clips or what ever you want!

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