How To// Make a Fabric Flower

As I was waiting for my mom to get her hair cut the other day I saw a lady making these.
I was watching how she made the flower out of material, and when I got home I tried to make one myself!
Today I’m going to show you how to make one.
They are really quick and easy.
Here’s all you need:
A needle and thread
Material to cut into any size circles(enough for four)
I like to use two different kinds of material, but it’s fine if you use the same.
It doesn’t matter the size of your circle.
Once you have all of your circles cut out, take one and fold it in half.
( as seen in step 1 )
Then fold that half in half.
( as seen in step 2 )
 Next, take your needle and thread and sew around the curve.
( as seen in step 3 )
You DO NOT have to be an expert in hand sewing.  I’m not!
After that do not cut it off.  Your going to do all four and make it a chain.
Remember, if your doing two different colors, do it in a pattern.
After that pull it tight and it should gather.
  It should look like this.
The next step could be a little tricky.  Pull everything together so that it looks like a flower.  Pinch the sides that aren’t connected.
You’re going to sew that together and then knot it.  Now your flower is completed!
But wait!
To give it a final touch you can make a rosette and put it in the middle.
These aren’t that hard.
First, take a strip of material.
Then, fold it together and glue it.( you can use fabric glue or hot glue.  I use both. )
After that pinch it down.
Then you’re going to hold the middle and twist going around.
Finish it by gluing.  And ta-da!  You have a rosette !  Then glue it in the middle of your flower.
You can use these for a whole bunch of things.
Here’s what I did with some of them:
Hope you can make your own!
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