How To// Make a Doll Backpack

Today I’m going to show you how to make a drawstring backpack for your doll.

You will need:

~material-enough for lining and the outside

~ribbon-24 inches


To make a pattern, cut a rectangle that is about 5 and a half inches wide and about 6 inches tall, on a piece of paper.  If you have an American Girl Short Stories book you could use that instead.

You’re going to lay your pattern on your material and fold it.

Cut it out and do the same with your other material.
After that you’re going to lay your materials together with the wrong sides facing each other.
Fold it in half.  *Which ever side is facing out is your lining.  That will not be the outside of your backpack.  In this project the blue material is my lining.*
You’re going to sew straight down on both sides.


After that, you’re going to  make two little triangles on the bottom of your backpack.  This will give it that bag look.
You’re going to sew them.
If you want to you could cut it once your done.
Now you have the bag look!
Next you’re going to turn it right side out.
Now, you’re going to fold down the top just a little bit.  This is probably the hardest part.
Fold it down and sew near the bottom.
*Notice the two pins?  You don’t want to sew all the way around.  You want a gap.


Now you can put your twine in there!  Pull it closed and the tie your knot.  Make sure that when you open it, you can open it all the way.
Now for the last step!  Straps!
Get your 24 inches of ribbon and fold it in half.  On the back of your backpack (the side that doesn’t have the gap from our last step)  you’re going to put the ribbon in the middle under neath the line you just sewed.
Pin it there and then go down to the bottom.  Fold your ribbon under just a little bit and sew.  Do it on both sides and the do the top.
Complete!  Now you have a doll backpack!



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